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Social Security

Supplemental Security Income/Social Security (SSI)

SSI is a federal income support program. It pre-assumes eligibility for DSPD, Medicaid and VR. Students receiving SSI qualify to use UWIPS (Utah Work Incentive Planning Service) where SSI benefits and Medicaid benefits will be explained thoroughly in reference to working and continuing SSI.


  • Disability must be a medically determined mental or physical condition that is expected to last one year or longer
  • Meet financial criteria including earned income and assets
  • Age 18 or older and must contribute to the living expenses at home (Parents income and assets are not considered when the applicant is over 18 and the individual must reapply at age 18 even if they had SSI before age 18)

How to apply:

  • Call 800-772-1213 and wait for a service representative
  • The date of this call will be used as your application date and if found eligible, a retro check will be issued back to this date (Call before 9am and leave a lot of time for the phone call)
  • Give your name, address and SSI#
  • The representative will make an appointment for a future phone interview
  • An application packet will be mailed to you to complete before the scheduled phone interview (You may leave uncertain areas blank and ask during the phone interview)


  • Call the South Jordan SSI office and make an appointment at 866-690-1947

The office is located at 10138 S. Jordan Gateway, South Jordan, UT 84095

Additional information:

  • Utah Work Incentive Planning Service (UWIPS): 801-887-9530