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Class 8


Trevor Stookey - Team Leader
Luanne Sullivan
Sidney Andersen
Megan Naylor


Weekly Schedule

Monday - UTA/Living Center/Computers
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday - Shopping
Thursday - Bowling and Gym
Friday - Class Activity

Student of the Month - March

Kiana Wood

Kiana has the best attitude of any student that I have ever worked with. She is always happy, laughing, and friendly/helpful to classmates and staff. She has made great progress on all of her goals and is now starting to access her community around her by walking and taking the UTA bus. I asked the class to email me who they thought our student of the month should be. Several of them voted for Kiana. Here are a couple of reasons they gave:

"Because she's friendly to everyone and she helps a lot of students and including the staff as well and she knows how to make everyone laugh lol."

"she is out going and full of life"

"she is awesome"


Kiana picture