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Daily Schedules

Monday - Thursday Schedule 

8:00     School Begins
11:00   Lunch Class 3
11:05   Lunch Class 6
11:10   Lunch Class 8
11:30   Lunch Class 5
12:00   Lunch Class 1
12:05   Lunch Class 4
12:10   Lunch Class 10
1:30     Prepare to go Home
1:45     Begin Loading Buses
2:00     School Ends

Friday Schedule 

Your student’s teacher will be in contact with you regarding the specific Friday schedule and work plan for your child. Busing will be available for in-person learning that teachers schedule for Fridays. Please feel free to reach out via email or phone with our staff during their office hours from 9:00 – 9:30 each Friday. Our general schedule is:

7:30             Staff meeting
8:00             Teacher prep
9:00-9:30    Office hours for consultation with parents and students
9:30-12:00  Staff will provide direct instruction for individuals & small groups or a virtual class for the whole class.
12:00           Lunch
12:30           Professional Learning Communities
2:00             Teacher Prep