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Department of Workforce Services

The Utah Department of Workforce Services offers temporary services for individuals and families, including food, financial, employment, medical and child care assistance. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is an education and training program provided through the Department of Workforce Service (DWS) designed to assist youth between ages 14 and 24 in developing employment skills, making career choices and becoming successful adults.  Services can include:  career planning, job search assistance, summer job internships, assistance with basic skill levels in math, reading and writing, connection with local alternative school programs or funding for post-secondary training needs.

For eligibility, individual must have one of the following barriers to employment:

  • Basic skills deficits
  • Disabled
  • Out of school or is a school dropout
  • Pregnant, parenting, homeless or is in foster care
  • Are offenders, have incarcerated or illiterate parents, or suffers from substance abuse
  • Victim or witness of domestic violence
  • Is a migrant youth, limited English proficiency, a refugee or Native American
  • Lacks occupational goals and skills

To apply visit or visit the closest Department of Workforce Services (DWS) office.   You can search for offices on the link.