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Life Design

Life Design is a special program for students who are ready for a greater level of independence in the community.  Although it is part of the South Valley School program, it is housed on the Salt Lake Community College campus in West Jordan.  Students, parents, and staff work together to plan programs and activities allowing students to reach maximum independence.  During the first quarter, students learn to write a person-centered plan, choose their IEP goals, and lead their own IEP meetings. Students continue to work on academic skills but also learn to independently access public transportation, as well as how to apply, interview, get and keep a job.  There is also an emphasis on giving back through volunteerism in the community.  Students also work on earning high school credits and many receive a diploma from Southpointe Adult High School.


  • Daphne Castor - Team Leader
  • Nancy McDougal - Team Leader
  • Lorrie Sandberg - Instructional Assistant
  • Tonya Woolsey - Instructional Assistant
  • Savannah Watchman - Instructional Assistant

Life Design Map