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Class 1


Kim Hardman-Jones - Team Leader
Broch Holdaway
Lorrie Sandberg
Justin Jones
Madalyn Roylance

Student of the Month - May 

Ayden Tingey

We are nominating Ayden for Student of the Month several reasons. He is an extremely hard worker and has a light hearted, calming personality. We never have to worry about Ayden being late or not where he should be. He is kind, helpful and dependable. One of Ayden's greatest accomplishments this year, is how he stretched himself out of his comfort zone and taken on many new challenges. Running for student body officer. Applying for a job at IFA. Attending school dances. Talking with students and staff he is unfamiliar with in order to fulfill his duties as one of the yearbook Leaders. These are just a few exceptional things that Ayden has done. As his teachers we are all so proud of his progress and love having him in class one. Way to go Ayden! Thanks for being you.

Ayden Tingey Picture