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Attendance Policy

An 80% attendance is required by students who attend South Valley School. We realize that family situations and health play a roll in student attendance, if your student is not able attend we would appreciate a phone call to the office. The front office is staffed from 7:15 am to 3:15 pm, however, you may leave a message at any time of day.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate students must: Set I.E.P goals with a parent and teacher and then complete those goals, have 80% attendance, and have at least 1 school provided job training experience in the community while attending. Graduating students will be measured for a cap and gown, and have the opportunity to order graduation announcements if desired.  Each graduating student from South Valley will receive a Certificate of Completion.  Those students who have completed Utah state requirements for graduation recognized from Southpointe Adult High with the aid of their South Valley teacher will receive a diploma.

Student Conduct

Students shall conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to a productive learning atmosphere for themselves and their classmates.  Students are expected to be attentive, cooperative and industrious while at school.  Students who habitually disrupt or destroy the learning atmosphere shall be disciplined according to the procedures established in Jordan School District Policy AS67-Discipline of Students and School Exclusions.

School Dress and Grooming (J.S.D. Policy AA419)

All students shall be required to wear clean clothing.  Clothing which is conspicuous, extreme or odd that it may draw undue attention, disrupt, or interfere with the learning atmosphere at school will not be tolerated.  Students will not be allowed to wear clothing which is mutilated, immodest, or associated with "gang" affiliation.  According to Jordan School District policy, hats are not allowed to be worn in the school building.  This policy is enforced, unless there is a vocational reason for the hat (i.e. - as part of a work uniform).  In the interest of the educational endeavor, students will be encouraged to maintain good personal hygiene.  Regular bathing, being clean/well-groomed and consistent tooth brushing is a necessity for job placement and retention.  Students may be required to wear special clothing or uniforms for their individual job training experiences.


Students have the option of using a school locker at South Valley.  Students are responsible for the contents of their locker and are advised to secure their belongings with a lock.  Students must provide their own combination or key lock.  Students may be asked to allow a teacher access to their locker.