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South Valley Reopening Plan 2020-21 School Year









On Tuesday, July 28, the Jordan School District Board of Education decided to delay the start of school by one week.  School will begin on Tuesday, August 25th


Dear Parents and Caregivers:


Welcome back!  As summer vacation and our school closure comes to an end, I am excited for students and staff to be back in the building.  Visitors to the school often comment on the positive energy that they feel when they walk into South Valley. . . it comes from us all being together.  I know I speak for all of our staff when I say that we miss working with our students and with each other.  I’m sure you understand that in order for us to work together, we must have new processes and procedures in place to ensure the healthiest and safest learning environment for all.


School hours will be Monday through Thursday 8:00 – 2:00 and no school on Friday.


In an effort to minimize contamination and exposure throughout the school, we are asking parents and caregivers to stay outside of the building and in your car if you come to the school.  Please phone the office at 801-565-7592 from your car if you are bringing your child to school or picking your child up.  Someone from the office will come out to get your child if he/she is arriving to school or we will call into their classroom and have your child come to the office to be walked out to your car if he/she is checking out early or going home with you.  This also applies to families who drive their child to/from school each day.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


At South Valley School, I am the Point of Contact for COVID exposures and concerns and I can be reached at or by phone at 801-565-7592 for questions, concerns or additional suggestions.


In sharing our efforts to clean and sanitize the school and minimize your child’s exposure to possible illness, I hope this document will inform and reassure you.  Thanks for being part of the South Valley School community and sharing your child with us.


Rita Bouillon, Principal





-update contact and emergency contact information in Skyward.  Be sure the school has more than one contact to call in case a student becomes sick at home.

-conduct temperature and symptom checks at home each school day.

-keep children home who are ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

-send students to school wearing a face covering until further notice.

-let the school know if you need access to thermometers



-cough – if student has a history of asthma, does the cough continue after using an inhaler?

-fever - 100.4 or greater

-shortness of breath or trouble breathing

-sore throat

-muscle aches and pains

-new loss of taste or smell



-nausea and/or vomiting – unidentified cause, unrelated to anxiety or eating

-congestion or runny nose







In addition to the sick room always available at South Valley School, we now have a separate space to quarantine students who may become ill at school with symptoms related to COVID.  If a student is sick, a staff member will walk with them to the main office and the school nurse or an office staff member will evaluate the student and contact parents.  Students will be monitored while waiting for someone to come to the school to pick them up.




Please let your child’s teacher know if your student needs a chrome book for virtual learning at your home.  We have a check out process in place.


FRIDAY SCHEDULE – your student’s teacher will be in contact with you regarding the specific Friday schedule and work plan for your child.  Busing will be available for in-person learning that teachers schedule for Fridays. Please feel free to reach out via email or phone with our staff during their office hours from 9:00 – 9:30 each Friday.  Our general schedule is:


            7:30 Staff meeting

8:00 Teacher prep

9:00-9:30 – Office hours for consultation with parents and students

9:30 - 12:00  Staff will provide direct instruction for individuals & small groups or a virtual class for the whole class.

12:00 lunch

12:30 Professional Learning Communities

2:00 Teacher Prep






  1. We will follow the processes and procedures for re-opening as set forth by the Jordan School District.
  2. We will follow county and state mandates for masks. Exceptions will be considered for students. Reach out to Rita Bouillon, Principal for the exception form and for more information.
  3. Re-opening schools gives us an opportunity to teach students how to safely navigate our community. In the first few weeks of school, it is our obligation to implicitly teach the processes and procedures we are expecting at South Valley School and the county and state expectations in our communities.
  4. Staff and students will wear masks in school except when it is possible to maintain a space of 6’ or more for social distancing. Masks will always be worn in the hallways.
  5. We suggest masks that are more than one layer and have adjustable straps. Allowing your child to choose their mask may increase compliance in wearing it. PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN THEIR MASK.
  6. Parents may want to send a water bottle with their child’s name on it rather than having them use the water fountain.
  7. Staff and students who are compliant with wearing masks will be allowed to access businesses for jobs or community activities. Students who are not compliant wearing masks will access jobs within the school and community activities that are outdoors.
  8. Each classroom will be considered a separate unit and in order to limit contact with others and allow for contact tracing, students will socialize only with students in their class. Classrooms will keep their students together and isolated from other students as much as possible; social opportunities will be limited to socializing with classmates.
  9. To reduce contact among students in the hall, lockers will not be used. All students should have a backpack for their personal belongings.  Backpacks will be kept in their classrooms.
  10. Staff and students will wash hands frequently throughout the day: when they arrive, before and after eating, as they enter the classroom after transitions, and before leaving the classroom at the end of the day. At the same frequency, teachers should sanitize the hands of students unable to wash their hands.  Classrooms should consider some catchy way for students to know they are washing for 20 seconds, e.g. Happy Birthday sung twice.
  11. To reduce the number of touch points throughout the building, keep doors open as much as possible. . . classroom doors, doors to outside, the doors to the gym, etc. Encourage students to keep their hands in their pockets or at their sides and to not touch unless necessary.
  12. Our school will remain locked at all times. Staff ID badges will work at all card readers throughout the day.




A sign on the main door will direct visitors and deliveries to call the main office to have someone come to the door to assist them.  We will not have volunteers in our school this year.




We will have 4 bus areas around the school with about 4 buses in each area.   Every bus will be assigned to one area for drop-off and pick-up.  Staff in bus areas will have their radios with them.  Team Leaders will assign one classroom staff to supervise and help maintain social distancing in the bus area, one staff to remain in the classroom to welcome students and one staff who will monitor the area outside their classroom door.



Doors will be propped open so that students will not have to touch the door handles while coming into the school.  One bus at a time will release their students.  Students will exit the bus, go directly into school and directly to their classrooms.  The next bus won’t open their doors until those students are inside the building.  Staff in the bus area will return to their classrooms when all of the buses in that area have arrived.



Students will have their backpacks ready to take home at 1:30.   Teaching will continue after students have their belongings and while they are waiting to be called to their bus.  Beginning at 1:45, we will start loading buses as they arrive.  Doors will be propped open to reduce the number of touch points.  Staff will monitor bus arrivals and radio the office when a bus has arrived.  The office will then announce overhead “Bus ### is now loading in the ### area.” to let classrooms know which students they should release to go to their buses.  This process will minimize the number of students in the hall and keep us from having a large number of students congregating in bus areas.  This dismissal will continue until all buses have left the  school.  Staff in the bus area will return to their classrooms when all of the buses in that area have departed.






Health Department Guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing have been heightened.  No one other than cafeteria staff will be allowed in the kitchen and office area.  The cafeteria will continue to provide hot entrees.  However, breakfast and lunch will be served “grab and go style”.  Food will be served in to-go containers and disposable utensils will be provided.  Meals will be served by cafeteria staff at the serving window.


PAYMENT – all payments must go through the main office.  Families  can pay through their Student Skyward account or through a link available  on the nutrition website under the Nutrition dropdown menu.


DRINKS – one staff member will stand at the drink cooler to hand out drinks.  They will wear gloves and not touch anything else during this time.  The gloves will be disposed of when their students are done with the cooler.


BREAKFAST will be from 7:30 – 8:00.  Since classroom staff will be in bus areas and with students in classrooms, one office staff member will provide supervision in the cafeteria.  Tables will be set-up around the perimeter of the gym to maintain 6’ distance between students since they won’t be eating in classroom units while eating breakfast.  Students from class 10 will assist with cleaning tables and taking down tables and chairs after breakfast.


LUNCH will be served at 11:00, 11:30 and 12:00 allowing time for eating as well as cleaning between sessions.  We will set up tables in each corner of the gym with enough seating for one classroom.  This will allow us to have 3 classrooms in the gym at one time and to keep students together with their classroom units.


11:00 – class 3 @ 11, class 6 @ 11:05 and class 8 @ 11:10

11:30 – class 5 @ 11:30

12:00 – class 1 @ 12, class 4 @ 12:05 and class 10 @ 12:10


 FRIDAY BREAKFAST AND LUNCH – lunch and a grab and go breakfast for the weekend are available each Friday at 11:00.  Please come to the school’s main entrance front door and call in to the school and we will let you in to the cafeteria.  If students receive a free or reduced lunch, these meals would be free or reduced also.  But students who pay for their lunches will be charged.  Students can choose to pay for a breakfast and lunch or just one or the other.




Our custodial staff has worked hard all summer to deep clean the school.  To maintain  this level of cleanliness, our custodial and classroom staff will clean frequently throughout each day and the custodial staff will deep clean on Fridays.





Staff and students will walk along the inner or outer edge of the hall, keeping 6’ distance between themselves and anyone in front or behind them.  We will have red tape arrows pointed in the direction students should walk and spaced 6’ apart so students have an idea of how far apart they should be.  Please direct students to walk clockwise on the inside edge of the hall (the door to the teacher’s lounge, the walls with bathroom doors, and the wall with the hallway to the locker rooms and cafeteria), and counter-clockwise on the outside edge of the hall (past classroom doors and next to lockers).  Students will not be allowed to socialize in the halls.  Hallways will only be used for transitions.




Due to the risk of contamination and students gathering in the halls, vending machines will not be available for student use this school year.





Whenever possible, and especially during the transitions from and to buses, classroom doors will be propped open so they don’t need to be touched as students and staff come in and out of the classroom.



Students must have at least 6’ spacing between themselves and other students.  Be creative in using your classroom space to allow for this distancing.  Classrooms are often set up to group students together in the middle of the classroom but teachers will use the outer edges of the classroom to provide the necessary spacing of student work spaces.  To assist in contact tracing, teachers will have a seating chart. To further reduce the risk of transmission, all seats will face the same way.  Staff will hold classes outside when possible.



Each classroom will have 3 spray bottles labeled:  #1 CLEANER - clear liquid, #2 SANITIZER – green liquid and GLASS CLEANER – blue to be used throughout the day to clean and sanitize surfaces.  They will first clean the surface and then sanitize.  They will use paper towels rather than cloth towels since there is a risk of soiled towels being reused whereas paper towels can be immediately thrown away.  Staff will use a clean paper towel for sanitizing and not the same towel used for cleaning.



Staff and students will wash hands thoroughly and frequently throughout the day:  when they arrive, before and after eating, as they enter the classroom after transitions, and before leaving the classroom at the end of the day.  At the same frequency, teachers will sanitize the hands of students unable to wash their hands.  Every class will receive the handwashing training from our school nurse during the first few days of school.  Classrooms will consider some catchy way for students to know they are washing for 20 seconds, e.g. Happy Birthday sung twice.



Students shouldn’t share supplies.  Staff will establish a place to keep a student’s supplies separate and easily accessible at their desk – a pencil box, cigar box, etc.  Staff will do all they can to be sure students don’t share pens, pencils, glue, scissors, pencil sharpeners, books, etc.




To monitor social distancing requirements and to ensure that there aren’t too many students in the bathroom at one time, a staff member will accompany students to the bathroom area.  Students will need to stand 6’ apart while waiting to use the bathroom and while waiting to wash their hands.




Changing tables will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.  Staff will use the clear liquid to clean and then with clean paper towels, use the sanitizer to sanitize the surface.  To ensure social distancing while waiting to use the changing room, a changing room schedule will be created during the first week of school.




Each classroom will be able to sign up for a time to use the living center.  We will schedule longer blocks of time than in previous years since cooking lessons will need to include initial handwashing and surface cleaning before cooking and eating as well as handwashing and surface cleaning again afterward.




Each classroom will be able to sign up for times when their students can use the laundry equipment.  Staff and students will wash their hands and clean the machine surfaces before and after doing laundry.




Each classroom will be able to sign up for times when their students can use the computer lab.  Staff and students will wash their hands and clean and sanitize their computer and work area before and after working at a computer.  Spray the cleaner onto a paper towel and then use the sanitizer on a new paper towel to clean and sanitize the computer and work area.  Remember, do not spray computers.




There are many uncertainties right now so we will not do jobs outside of school for the first month of school.  We will re-evaluate the possibility of doing jobs in the community at the end of September.  Staff will be creative and have jobs for your students within the school.




GROUP ACTIVITIES – bowling, basketball, girl’s luncheon, etc.


We will not have large group gatherings that mix students with other classrooms.  However, we will re-evaluate this as we move forward.  We will work with the bowling alley to consider the possibility of individual classrooms going bowling.




To reduce contact with students from other classes, each classroom will be scheduled a time for their students who choose to participate in Institute.  Students from other classrooms will not be in class together.




Public transportation offers a greater risk for exposure to others as well as a multitude of touch points that aren’t sanitized.  Careful consideration will be given before using public transportation and only students who are compliant wearing masks can participate.  Staff must talk with the Principal, Rita Bouillon, and have permission from parents before using public transportation for community activities.




Team leaders will work with administration to determine the CBT bus schedule for all classes.  Bus drivers will sanitize seats after their morning bus runs and again when each class is finished with their CBT activity.  There will only be one classroom per bus and one person per seat.  A bus may go to multiple destinations, e.g. to the store to buy supplies needed for a lesson and to the park for leisure activities.  Buses will have planned destination(s) and will not be used to go for a drive around.


Small groups of students who are compliant wearing masks can be accompanied into a business with a staff member.  This will be for the purpose of buying merchandise and not for window shopping.   Students will be taught to keep their hands off their mask, minimize touching merchandise, follow the traffic flow indicated by arrows on the floors of businesses, and to stand 6’ behind other customers when waiting in line to pay.


While it would be difficult to have a seating chart on a bus, it is necessary for us to know who sat by each other in the event contact tracing needs to be completed.  Staff will keep a diagram of where students sat on the CBT bus and students should sit in the same seat going to and from your community destinations.




Jordan School District guidelines do not allow assemblies nor dances.   Their processes and procedures will be reevaluated in November and assemblies and dances at South Valley School will be reconsidered at that time.






Students coming to wood shop arrive via bus from schools throughout Jordan School District.   These students should all enter the school through the door by classroom 9.  They will be wearing masks upon their arrival and will keep their masks on until they are able to socially distance in the wood shop.  Students will wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds when they first arrive.  Cleaning stations will be set up throughout the wood shop and will include paper towels and bottles for cleaning and sanitizing equipment.  Students will be taught the routine of cleaning touch surfaces and tools when they are finished with a specific tool, job and when they are leaving for the day.




The two classes at Life Design will be considered as one unit since they will be mixing together for classes and community outings and all 5 staff will be working with all of the students.  Staff and students must wear masks whenever social distancing is not possible.




Students may arrive via public transportation or district buses.  Students are independent in getting to and from their classrooms but need to be reminded that masks must be worn whenever social distancing isn’t possible, e.g. when walking to and from the bus.




Students can continue to eat lunch in the hall, the classroom or in the downstairs cafeteria as long as social distancing is maintained since masks can’t be worn during lunch.  There will be staff supervision to ensure safety measures are being followed.




Staff and students at Life Design use the public restrooms on the SLCC campus.  Masks must be worn and students must wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before returning to the classroom.




Students and staff will wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds when they first  arrive at school, after using the bathroom and before eating lunch.  They will schedule a time with Traci Hardell, the nurse at SVS, to come over and provide the lesson on hand washing.




Staff at Life Design will work with the JATC-N custodial staff, Dave and Kelley, to have paper towel holders installed and bottles of the cleaner (clear liquid, 1st step) and the sanitizer (green liquid, 2nd step) in their classrooms.  These will be used throughout the day for cleaning and sanitizing desks, work surfaces, touch pads on computers, light switches, etc.




A CBT bus will be available for Life Design activities.  Bus drivers will sanitize seats after their morning bus runs and again when these classes are finished with their CBT activity.  A bus can go to multiple destinations, e.g. to the store to buy supplies needed for a lesson and to the park for leisure activities.  Buses must have planned destination(s) and should not be used to go for a drive around.  This CBT bus must return to SLCC by 1:00 in the afternoon so it has time to return to SVS for the afternoon bus run.


Small groups of students who are compliant wearing masks can go into businesses.  This should be for the purpose of buying merchandise and never for window shopping.   Students should be taught to keep their hands off their mask, minimize touching merchandise, follow the traffic flow indicated by arrows on the floors of businesses, and to stand 6’ behind other customers when waiting in line to pay.