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Friday, September 18, 2020 School Community Council Meeting






School members:  Rita Bouillon, Nancy McDougal


Parent members:  Eva Chance, Jeff Oaks


  1. Introductions
  2. Elect Chair
  3. Robert’s Rules of Order
  4. Cafeteria update
  5. Status report of South Valley this year
  6. Community Involvement
  7. Wellness at SVS
  8. Land Trust monies for this year
  10. Incident Command
  11. Professional Development Report
  12. Safe Technology and Digital Citizenship


Next meetings on Fridays at 7:30 via ZOOM –

November 20, January 15 and March 19








School members:  Rita Bouillon, Nancy McDougal


Parent members present:  Jeff Oaks


Parent members absent:  Eva Chance (she joined our ZOOM late and was put in the waiting room and unfortunately, I didn’t see a notification to let her in).


  1. Introductions
  2. Elect Chair – Jeff Oaks
  3. Robert’s Rules of Order – adopted by the council last year - on the school website
  4. Cafeteria update - breakfast and lunch – 90 students/day, grab & go, both hot and cold entrees, sack lunches are available. We have vouchers right now allowing free meals for everyone but that federal program is scheduled to end in December.
  5. Status report of South Valley this year
    1. Class 3 was quarantined on Tuesday due to a COVID exposure. They can return on September 28th.  Rita explained the process she and the school nurse went through before this decision was made.  She will send a letter home to parents today that all teaches can send through their REMIND app.
    2. We now have 9 classrooms at SVS and 2 at SLCC. We were given a new teacher position midway through the year last year and were given a new teacher position again this year.  We are so grateful!  We have at least 2 full-time paraeducators and a 25-hour assistant in each classroom at SVS and 3 full-time at SLCC.  We have Engraving and Wood Shop on-site at SVS, but the greenhouse moved to JATC-S.
    3. Itinerant staff were removed from Rita’s administrative duties last spring year.
    4. CBT – They gave us an additional CBT bus this year so we have 5 buses onsite daily for this purpose. It worked out perfectly with COVID restrictions since we are not utilizing UTA at Life Design yet.  Rita assigned one bus to Life Design this year.
    5. Job Sites – Unfortunately, we aren’t doing job sites just yet. We wanted to get the year started and see how it was going before we ventured out to jobs. Peggy Beuchert, who sets up job sites, has now reached out to see which sites are ready for us to come back.  She has received so many YES responses.  We won’t be able to go back to the Copper Ridge care center and there are a few fast food restaurants that we can’t go to yet.  However, with our recent quarantine experience, the Riverton High School shut-down for thorough cleaning, and the higher numbers of cases reported, Rita wants to wait a few weeks before we move forward on going out to jobs.  Limiting our exposure is important.
    6. Due to COVID restrictions, we aren’t doing bowling as a school, although some classrooms are doing it, we aren’t doing Special Olympics Basketball, Institute Choir or cheerleading.
    7. There are many activities that involve the whole school that we’ve had to avoid this year: spring orientation for new students, back to school assembly, peace officers here at the school to welcome students, UTA training assembly, Halloween activities, etc.  However, we plan to get all of that back as soon  as possible after COVID restrictions are lessened.


  1. Community Involvement
    1. Principal’s Pantry at South Valley School. Rita explained what is happening and how Class 10 is involved.
  2. Wellness at SVS
    1. New weight room equipment
    2. Wellness Initiative in the district this year. Codee Flores is our rep, first meeting last week, reach out to a teacher who really needs a boost
  3. Land Trust monies for this year – the plan has been written to buy passes for the rec centers but since we can’t access county rec centers this year, Rita asked how the council felt about using Land Trust money to pay for the new equipment. Jeff and Nancy both felt it was good use of the money.  It is still going towards the same life skill but working within the parameters of the COVID restrictions.  Nancy then mentioned that she would like to have a time in the weight room assigned to Life Design classrooms as well.  Many students are working on their Health credits and this would be something they could access when they visit South Valley each week.  There is still money available to pay for UTA transportation training .  Rita explained that we now use a card that charges the amount of a ride and we pay the bill monthly rather than having loaded cards that we prepaid for and could more easily be used wrongly.  Rita is proud to say that we have 1:1 devices available for all of our students.  Rita explained how the classrooms are using their chromebooks every day and the benefit of having the Friday Zoom class allowing immediate follow-up on Monday, e.g. technical difficulties, lack of participation, etc.
  4. TSSA Planning – discussed doing the school-based initiative – we will use it for technology and coaching. Bob Boston is our Digital Teacher Leader and this year someone in technology asked
  5. Incident Command – We had our first fire drill last week. The legislative has waived the required drills for this year but we wanted to practice anyway.  It was great!  Students exited the building in straight lines, classrooms lined up in designated spots and we had full accountability in 6 minutes.  In our follow-up safety committee meeting, we created a reunification plan.  Rita explained the plan and asked for input.
  6. Professional Development Report
    1. ASPEN - all staff have been re-certified
    2. ACRE training for classified in May
    3. Employment training for certified in August
  7. Safe Technology and Digital Citizenship – completed by Abby Gottsegen in each classroom


Next meetings on Fridays at 7:30 – November 1, January 10 and March 13