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Friday, March 19, 2021 School Community Council Meeting



FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2021



SCHOOL MEMBERS:  Rita Bouillon and Nancy McDougal

PARENT MEMBERS:  Eva Chance and Jeff Oaks


  1. Professional Development Update
  2. COVID Update
  3. School Climate Survey Status
  4. Community Involvement
  5. Land Trust
  6. Incident Command
  7. Planning for next year
  8. Award and recognitions
  9. Teacher Appreciation Week




FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2021



SCHOOL MEMBERS  PRESENT:  Rita Bouillon and Nancy McDougal

  1. Professional Development Update
    • Transition Training for all this Friday
    • VR training for all April 16th at 12:30
    • UTA training for all scheduled for April 23rd at 7:30
    • Financial Literacy training for certified team leaders upcoming
    • Trainer of Trainers – Peggy Beuchert – Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines – CSTAG - a team approach to preventing crisis in our schools
    • Mental Health Issues in the Classroom: Practical Strategies for Helping Children and Adolescents Succeed – Bob Boston


  1. COVID Update
    • Still no staff or student has gotten COVID from anyone within the school. Our procedures and protocols remain in place.
    • The district will allow a school yearbook signing day late in May.
    • Graduation – a video pushed out at 8:00 am and a parade at 10:00 on June 4th. We chose a day after district graduations to avoid conflict with siblings of our graduates. New traditions:  we will have yard signs and graduation medallions made for all grads.  There will be a student assembly mid-May.  Other students haven’t celebrated graduation in the past and we want to change that - something to look forward to and to be proud of.
    • Students are back at their community job sites.


  1. School Climate Survey – will be shared soon with staff, students and parents.


  1. Community Involvement
    • Sherriff’s week will happen this year! The Sherriff’s office called to say they didn’t want to miss it again this year.  It is scheduled for the last week of April and they have planned virtual tour activities – the courthouse, the jail, etc.
    • New job site – Dairy Queen at 7872 South Redwood Road – wonderful manager with high expectations for our students


  1. Land Trust – website is still down but our report from last year and the plan for next year is due by March 26th in a word document. Rita will put our report and plan on the state website as soon as it is re-opened.


  1. Incident Command – we’ve continued all of our drills this year. We had a hazardous spill drill last week and will participate in the Great Utah Shakeout in April.


  1. Planning for next year
    • 2 retirees. . . 1 teacher transferring to us to fill an opening and waiting for a replacement for Abby Gottsegen, our school psychologist
    • 26 kids planning to graduate (a few who would continue to be eligible if they don’t finish their grad requirements) and 48 scheduled to come in.


  1. Awards and recognitions – One of our teachers will be recognized later in April.  Rita reached out to former parents who shared wonderful stories of this teacher making a difference in student’s lives and their families lives.  “The year was unique. The JEF Awards Recognition Committee (seven volunteers from the Jordan Education Foundation) read and scored all 63 nominations. After careful deliberation, contemplation and even heartfelt tears, the Jordan Education Foundation has decided that we will give EVERY teacher nominated a crystal award and $500. The nominations were extraordinary!”


  1. Teacher Appreciation Week – luncheon planned for Friday, May 7th. Yard signs will be purchased for every employee’s yard and placed the first week of May.  We will send home notes that parents can send back to school that share their appreciation for their student’s teachers.